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Meet Amile

Amile Waters was born in April 25, 1985 in Mayari, Cuba to a Cuban mother and Black father. Growing up as a Military brat, she has traveled all over the world before their final stop, Ft. Hood, Tx. "All I remember of my first day there...HOT!!...and I wanted to go back to Germany.", the 5-time AVN nominee states.

From the time she was 12 to the tender age of 17, Amile was involved in sports, community service and cheerleadering. After maintaining an Associates Degree in Media Marketing (from University of Texas at Austin) ; she did a brief stint as a nurse for the US Navy. After she served her tour, her whole world change. " I was working at a club in Newport News, VA ;called Aqua Lounge...from there it was uphill from there." While dancing throughout the East Coast...California was calling her name...for school that is. Amile was accepted to attend UCLA on academic scholarship for the Pre-Med Program.

amile waters

While in college, she was approach by famed adult star and agent, Joel Lawerence at a local Hooters where Amile worked. " Joel asked me to speak with him on a opportunity and I ran with it. Hooters was great but I thought doing a few movies will help pay bills." Amile could have never been any wrong. After only her 5th movie, Amile was placed on a box cover with Kick-Ass Pictures (Old Men Make Me Squirt 2), being the first black woman talent to do so for the company in over 5 years. With nominations (17 so far) ,awards (8 to date), there was nothing stopping her.

She used her popularity to persue another dream of hers...writing. Writing for different blog sites and now a sex & sports columist for various blogsites and newspapers, Amile also became a panelist and advocate spreading awareness of safe sex. Amile(who calls herself a "gaysian") also advocates for many Gay and Lesbian groups imploring on Human Rights in the Gay and Lesbian communities. Next stop? Who KNOWS?? But we all for sure Amile is a star on a rise for sure.

(Taken From Xcitement Magazine Apr. 2009)